Bloc Party at Edmonton Event Centre.

I went to the Bloc Party concert here in Edmonton recently. This is not a photo from that concert.

It is the same band and the same venue though, although from about four years ago. I had no problem bringing a DSLR into Edmonton Event Centre back then. I brought it with me to this show, and to a coupleothers without any problem. No photo pit access of course but at least I could shoot what I could.

I was new to the world of the DSLR then, and very new to combining it with the activity of a live concert. I wasn’t familiar enough with the tools, and too shy to really push forward enough for a good vantage point (something I still struggle with). This shot isn’t anything amazing, but it is a starting point for me as a concert photographer, and I was happy for the opportunity to practice.

Sadly, Edmonton Event Centre seems to have become much more restrictive these days. The last few times I’ve attended a show there I’ve been denied bringing the camera along. The number of camera-friendly venues in town is slowly dwindling. Although a mid-range venue often has the excitement of more recognizable bands, it’s the smaller venues with local bands that force you to think about a shot and not just rely on star power for a good photo.

Although I’m really starting to hate LED colour washes.