NIKKOR Optical Glass.

Lenses are one of those things that you know a lot of work goes into the construction of—or at least you assume it does, hence the price tag—but I’m always amazed by the craftmanship that goes into it when it’s presented for the viewing public. Leica published a couple of videos a while ago, and now Nikon Japan has a demonstration of the process of creating the glass itself used in their lenses.

Variable ND filter frustrations.

Just got back from a short little trip to the Rocky Mountains — Banff, specifically. It’s always refreshing to get back out to the mountains; I’m happy to live so close!

Although this wasn’t a photo-oriented excursion, I was hopeful I could get a few opportunities — my lovely girlfriend had booked us on an evening excursion to the top of the Banff gondola — but the weather wasn’t quite so accommodating.

Cross-polarisation effect

While I was up there though I gave my Fader ND filter another go. I had it with me on a previous trip to The Rockies but hadn’t really used it much. I thought with the evening shoot this time I might be able to get a long exposure of clouds over the mountains. Sadly not only the weather, but my gear as well conspired against me.

For one, I don’t think I have a dark enough ND filter to get the effect I want. For the other, either my variable filter is faulty or I’m just not using it right. I’ll have to practice with it more.


on 2012-03-06 22:28 by Jeff

Apparently this cross-vignette effect is a known issue when using variable ND filters at close to their maximum density — which of course I was trying to do. I’ll just have to keep that in mind I guess.