The 33rd Annual ACE Awards.

The 33rd Advertising Club of Edmonton Awards Show takes off this weekend in high-flying style, and yours truly will be on board to photograph the whole ride.

Have I got all the airplane puns out of my system? Okay.

The ACE Awards Show is the largest annual gathering of advertising, marketing, communications and public relations professionals in Edmonton. All the best advertising is submitted for judging against international standards. Being a bit of a design geek as well, I’m super excited to be there with all these creative people and see all the great work being done here in Edmonton. Not to mention the event itself: presented by EIA? ’60s Pan-Am style? Rock ‘n roll venue? I can’t wait!


on 2012-04-05 15:50 by Jeff

The event landed safely a few days ago and I have a selection of photos from the night to share. I’m only putting a few up here—ACE will have the full gallery on their Facebook page soon.

The production of the show showed a lot of attention to detail. From the piles of suitcases strewn all over, to the travel posters done up for all the nominees posted, to the badges on the “uniforms” of the coat check and bar staff, to the clouds strung up all over the place; everything really added to the “golden-age of flight” feel.

As great as everything looked, it did make it tricky to shoot. I was at ISO 3200 for most of the night and still had to stick to a dangerously low 1/30 shutter speed for most shots around the room. Shots of people on the stage were more forgiving of course, having all that light poured on them, but they came with their own obstacles (literally) as clear viewing angles of the podium were few.

It all lead to an exciting night though. I did manage to take a moment to browse all the submissions—a lot of great work by Edmonton creatives!

Shooting Pecha Kucha Night 12.

Yesterday Edmontonians got a teaser for the upcoming Pecha Kucha Night 12 next week with a best-of set of presenters from previous PKNs at METROPOLIS, Edmonton’s newest celebration of winter culture.

Pecha Kucha — the Japanese term for the sound of “chit chat” — is a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. It’s a format that makes presentations concise, and keeps things moving at a rapid pace.

It was great to hear Ron Gilbertson’s sarcastic warning from PKN10 about the “dangers” of downtown revitalisation, and Christopher Samuel’s PKN11 presentation of Starcraft as a sport was great to hear again! My first Pecha Kucha experience was PKN8. They’re a great way to find out about different projects and movements in the city, or learn about new topics.

I’m excited for PKN12 not only for the usual great list of presenters, but also to have a chance to cover the sold-out event.

Deck the (Airport) Halls.

I haven’t had an opportunity to shoot for InterVivos in a while, so when I got the email that their Christmas event was being held at the Edmonton International Airport — featuring a preview tour of the new wing, opening in February — I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I love to travel, but one of my favourite parts of traveling is the airports. There’s a great energy vibe at an airport — part anticipation, part relief — and it’s coupled with (often) fantastic architecture.

It should be fun to see the new wing; I had the opportunity a few months back to assist on a photo shoot while the building was just a skeleton. I’ll have some images to post soon.