Joe Rogan at The River Cree.

I had the opportunity to shoot Joe Rogan’s stand-up act at The River Cree Casino last week as well as meet-and-greet photos with fans after the show, and it was a lot of fun! He may not have the classiest act on-stage, but he was a class act off of it, bantering with fans and staff backstage.

I appreciated that too, since this was my first (of hopefully many) shoot for River Cree’s concerts and comedy acts—something I’m very excited to have the opportunity to shoot more of! Also exciting is not trying to shoot artists in dark rooms with nothing but a red wash for lighting. Thank you, lighting designers!

Check out my gallery with Joe Rogan and his opening act, Ari Shaffir!

I’m looking forward to seeing the variety of acts the River Cree brings in, and hopefully I can continue to branch out and try shooting at even more venues!